Which certificate is right for you?

Only IEP provides credentials that immediately convey your experience, abilities and leadership readiness within the interactive industry. IEP currently offers two certifications to support industry professionals.  

The Interactive Entertainment Professional (IEP) certification is designed to provide the broad knowledge and comprehension to operate in multiple disciplines, whereas the Interactive Entertainment Executive (IEE) program is an executive MBA alternative focused on developing talent for senior leadership roles.

Program Options


Interactive Entertainment Professional

Association members who successfully complete a series of online self-education courses can be awarded the IEP credential.This credential is focused on delivering the most fundamental knowledge required to engage in leadership functions in the industry. Admission to the IEP program is available at all times to Association members. Continuous Education is required to maintain this certification.


Interactive Entertainment Executive

The IEE credential is obtained via a series of online courses and in-person classes. Knowledge and implementation assessments are performed throughout the duration of the program to ensure participants can fully utilize skill sets upon graduation. The IEE program is restricted via an admissions process and new cohorts start twice per year. A minimum industry experience level is required. The IEE course is provided over a 7 month