industry specific career development

IEP is helping companies to accelerate and standardize knowledge of the video game industry for all both new and existing employees.

Under the guidance of their expansive advisory board, IEP has interviewed hundreds of experts in the video game industry and collated their wisdom and insights into a comprehensive curriculum focused on the industry of interactive entertainment. 

The result: the worlds most comprehensive online and blended learning continuing education and talent transformation solutions for employers and active professionals seeking a successful and long term career in video games.


IEP programs have been developed in conjunction with an advisory board representing veterans from across every spectrum of the business.
Only IEP offers industry specific education and training certifications that directly address the skills and knowledge that leadership in the gaming industry is demanding.
IEP updates programs annually to keep aligned with the rapid pace of change working in the highly competitive video game industry demands,


IEP is proud to recognize the best and brightest who have elevated the industry over the course of their their career with the honorary title of Interactive Entertainment Master (IEM).

IEP gives visibility and recognition to those who have earned the respect of their peers by demonstrating the competency, professionalism, and ideals the business seeks to achieve.
IEM status can be achieved across any profession in the business.  From HR to PR, development to legal, IEP values the contributions of those who have contrbuted to the growth and success of the interactive entertainment.  
Interactive Entertainment Masters also contribute to IEP certification programs and workshops, ensuring that their knowledge and experience is effectively passed on to future participants of the industry.